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DNA US Conference 2012 : New Interactive Frontiers in Leisure Facilities Innovative Digital Interactive Experiences

- In Amusement Parks, Video Arcades, Location Based Entertainment Centers, Movie
Theaters, Museums, Hotels, Nightclubs, Shopping Malls, Stores, Restaurants, Bars, and many other venues!

Main Conference Oct 2nd, 2012 with Special Half-Day Program Oct 3rd, 2012.

DNA US Description

Building on the success of the UK event, the DNA US Conference 2012 works towards expanding the event's scope, and encourage an even great attendance from the development and operations community so they can offer their unique perspective to the establishment of the Digital Out-of-Home Interactive Entertainment (DOE) sector. The conference highlights key developments relating to 'New Interactive Frontiers in Leisure Facilities' – encompassing innovative interactive experiences in traditional arcades and location-based entertainment centers, amusement parks, shopping malls, museums, hotels, stores, nightclubs, and other leisure facilities.

A conference aimed at those working all aspects of defining the new DOE experience – with sessions tailored to educate and inform those developing, operating or investing in the international market and looking towards its future direction.

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Conference Day One – Oct 2nd, 2012 (Full Day)

Location – USC Davidson Conference Center in Los Angeles, California, USA. Embassy Room (lower lobby area)

The prestigious University of South California (USC) Davidson Conference Center, part of the extensive university complex – the venue making available additional space to accommodate the increased interest in this event.

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Conference DAY ONE — Program Schedule — (pm time)
Chris Stapleton

Keynote: 9:00 – 9:45

Chris Stapleton, Simiosys

This keynote will focus on the impact of the increasing fusion of real and virtual experiences on leisure facilities, and the power of "experiential" entertainment applied to diverse applications.

The Next-Generation Arcade!   – 9:45 – 11:00

The Internet and mobile media have opened up key new opportunities in arcades, location based entertainment centers, cafes, and other leisure facilities. What has been the impact of Internet gaming systems/services, social media, and other new technologies on traditional arcades and location-based entertainment centers? How are these gaming systems/services helping arcades and location-based entertainment centers reach new audiences, and what are the best strategies for exploiting this important market? This session also examines the growing impact of new forms of laser games on location-based entertainment.

Moderated by: Randy White (White Hutchinson Leisure)
David Young (BMI Gaming)
Kevin Williams (KWP)
Adam Russell (WallFour Studios)

Coffee - 11:00

New Models of Interactivity in Movie Theaters  – 11:15– 12:30

A new wave of interactive experiences is set to dramatically transform movie theaters, including interactive games, interactive ads, interactive trailers, and special focus group testing of movies in theaters. This session is aimed at assessing the impact and viability of these experiences. What are the most promising strategies for implementing these interactive experiences in theaters? When will these experiences become common? Which audiences are particularly receptive to these experiences? Which interactive games work best in theaters? What impact have interactive ads in theaters had on brand awareness of products shown in these ads? What role is mobile playing in interactive movies in theater, and what role will social media play in theaters? How can interactive experiences in movie theaters be effectively integrated in transmedia projects?

Moderated by: Nick DeMartino (Nick DeMartino Consulting)
Julie Eckert (NCM Media Networks)
Jon Hussman (Timeplay Entertainment)
Karl Floyd (Blue Wave Media)
Ed Lantz (Vortex Immersion Media)

Lunch   – 12:30 – 1:30
Maximizing Social Media in Leisure Facilities    – 1:30 – 2:45

Social networking is playing an increasingly important role in the digital out-of-home market, creating key new user interaction, entertainment, and marketing opportunities, and helping leisure facilities reach new audiences. This session will examine the benefits and impact of social media in such locations as amusement parks, location-based entertainment centers, hotels, museums, stores, and shopping malls. It will highlight successful strategies for implementing social media and user-generated content in those settings, discuss key research studies on social media in leisure facilities, and devote special attention to the blending of social media and games in leisure facilities, the experiences in those facilities entirely or largely driven by social media and user-generated content – and the new business of direct online sales and support.

Moderated by: Courtney Rayburn (Palace Entertainment)
Clark Dodsworth (Osage Associates)
Anne White (Snibbe Interactive)
Cammie Dunaway (Kidzania)
Jamison Selby (Interactive Game Producer)

Augmented Reality's Next Stage in Leisure Facilities   – 2:45 – 3:45

Mixed reality and augmented reality experiences have started to emerge in amusement parks and other leisure facilities. But are they simply novelties or will they really become common in the near future? What mixed reality/augmented reality applications are best suited for these facilities? How are more engaging and dynamic AR experiences being developed in public places? What impact will mobile AR and wearable AR/mixed reality systems have in leisure facilities in the near future? How will the integration of AR in live events, user-generated AR experiences, and other new AR entertainment experiences impact leisure facilities? This session will also examine the implications of the growing shift from augmented reality to "augmented media" for leisure facilities.

Moderated by: Harold Tan (Immersive Technology Association)
Craig Hanna, (Thinkwell Design)
Bruno Uzzan (Total Immersion)
Brian Selzer (Ogmento)
Bryan Lee (d'strict)


3D Interactive Entertainment Experiences in Public Places  – 4:15 – 5:30

Ready for Takeoff?  3D interactive experiences are infiltrating a wide range of leisure facilities.  But what impact are 3D/4D entertainment simulators and other 3D interactive experiences having in that market and what key factors affecting their success?  What new opportunities exist for 3D interactive dark rides, and how can those opportunities be best exploited?  How can richer, deeper, and more meaningful 3D experiences be delivered in leisure facilities?  What is the state of 3D games and other 3D interactive content in leisure facilities?  When will interactive holographic experiences become common in leisure facilities?

Moderated by: Philip Lelyveld (Consumer 3D Experience Lab, USC)
Ernest Yale (Triotech)
Brent Young (Super 78 Studio)
Dan Jamele (Mediamation)
Benoit Cornet (Alterface)


Conference Day Two — Oct 3rd, 2012 (Half-Day)

Location – USC Davidson Conference Center in Los Angeles, California, USA.
Figueroa AB (second level)

Continuing in the prestigious University of South California (USC) Davidson Conference Center, part of the extensive university complex – the event moves to the Figueroa AB room (second level) .

Vortex Dome Theater

Conference DAY TWO — Program Schedule — (pm time)
Chris Stapleton

Opening Presentation – 9:15 – 9:45

Randy White (White Hutchinson Leisure)

White's presentation that will examine the impact social media and mobile are having on location-based entertainment. A series of high level sessions will follow this presentation.

Riding the Wave of Gesture-Based Experiences in Leisure Facilities 
9:45 – 11:00

Gestural experiences in amusement parks, museums, and other leisure facilities are rapidly expanding in scope and are offering more intuitive and engaging user experiences. This session will examine the prospects for gestural experiences in such new markets as arcades, and discuss the significance of the growing convergence of gestural and mobile technologies for leisure facilities. It will assess the cost effectiveness of gestural entertainment experiences in leisure facilities and the impact of gestural marketing experiences on brand awareness, brand engagement, and product sales.

Moderated by: Kevin Williams (KWP)
Jon Fox (Helios Interactive Technologies)
Vincent John Vincent (GestureTek)
Jason Brush (Possible Worldwide)
Daniel Meyers (Second Story)

Coffee   – 11:00
High Impact- 3D Interactive Marketing in Public Places – 11:15 – 12:30

3D building projection ads, 3D interactive windows, and interactive holographic ads are creating unique, dynamic marketing opportunities for advertisers and brands. What special benefits do these alternative interactive marketing approaches offer, and what impact have they had on brand awareness and product sales? How are these approaches helping advertisers and marketers reach new audiences, and how can they be best integrated into broader marketing campaigns? How can 3D building projection ads benefit from incorporating interactive features/capabilities, such as social media? What special impact have 3D water projection ads had on brand marketing?

Moderated by: Eric Davis (National Media Services)
Jack Haddingh (Monster Media 3D)
Joshua Cohen (Pearl Media)
Barry Threw (Obscura Digital)

Connected Simulation and Gaming   – 12:30 – 1:00

The future of how we connect and play is being "realized" today through amazing new sports and entertainment simulators. Find out how the art, science and business of immersive & augmented gaming will forever change how people play, train and compete.

Dave Lorenzini (Full Swing)

Closing Statement   – 1:00

Kevin Williams (KWP and Founder of the DNA Association)

He has championed his passion in defining the Digital Out-of-Home Interactive Entertainment (DOE) sector and achieving its rightful recognition. As well as moderating sessions at this years' event he will present his own views on the sector – and more information on the new DNA Association that will support future events and the industry as a whole.


VIP Evening Social Reception – Oct 2nd, 2012      7.00 — till late

Address details to be confirmed...

Description – An important aspect of the success of DNA Conferences' is the drawing together of those closely involved in shaping the Digital Out-of-Home Entertainment (DOE) sector as well as those interested to observer the future trends. Along with an intensive speaker program the event also offers a chance to unwind and interact with speakers and attendees.
The first DNA US Conference 2012 is no exception and promises an exceptional evening social event.

Organisational Board

The inaugural North American conference of the Digital Out-of-Home Entertainment Network Association (DNA) - The DNA's Charter is to represent and promote the interests and prosperity of all industry Manufacturers, Suppliers and Operators. The event organized by:

Michael Mascioni

Kevin Williams

Michael Mascioni
Project Manager

Kevin Williams
KWP Limited,
Events Organiser / Moderator

DNA US Conference : US News Feed

Cave unveils Dodonpachi Saidaioujou for Arcades...

The Dodonpachi series has created a strong following in circles of shmup players and while it had seemed for a time that Cave might give up on arcades in favor of developments elsewhere, that seems to have been put on hold from the news this morning...



Lieberman Honored For ATM Business...

Payment Alliance International (PAI), a provider of electronic payment processing solutions, has named Lieberman Companies a Top 10 Distributor of ATMs for 2011. The company was also a recipient of this award in 2010. Additionally, Lieberman was awarded the Better Business Bureau's highest rating, an "A+", for 2011...



DNA U.S. Conference Set For Oct 2nd In Los Angeles...

LOS ANGELES -- The Digital Out-of-Home Interactive Entertainment Network Association (DNA) Conference will take place in mid-May at a larger venue than originally planned in order to accommodate growing interest, organizers said. The conference shifts from its original April dates to Tuesday, Oct 2nd, and will be held at the USC Davidson Conference Center here. Added to the schedule is a half-day event on Oct 3rd....



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